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X-Ray Reviews

Get an Honest Second Opinion on Your Investments

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Don't Be Caught Out

Do you know if your adviser is charging you extra fees? Do you know the true cost of your investment funds? Do you have a 20-year savings plan?

Renascence Capital assists investors with existing regular savings plans, portfolio bonds, platforms, QROPS and SIPPs, providing investment advice based on client advocacy, not salesmanship.

Investors have successfully improved their investment returns by up to 27% through our X-Ray review.

Many investors around the world have been sold or mis-sold investment policies by "financial advisers" which are either not suitable for the client or do not have the client's best interests at heart. 

Cost is often the biggest drag on investment performance. Unfortunately, the traditional offshore advIser structure means you may be lining everyone else's pockets instead of your own. 


At Renascence Capital, we assist those who may have fallen victim to bad advIce and invested in products which are expensive, perform poorly and lack flexibility. 


Get in touch today for a complementary X-Ray revIew of your existing arrangements so you are clear on:

  • What you are really paying

  • The contractual terms

  • Levels of risk being taken

  • Performance received versus benchmarks

  • Gaps in you investment plan that need immediate attention

  • The best solution going forward

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