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Immigration by Investment

Citizenship and Residency Programs

Your Guide to Immigration Investment Programs

Each year, thousands of wealthy individuals apply for citizenship and residence in foreign countries.

A growing number of countries host residence and citizenship by investment programs that offer a variety of attractive investment options designed to cater to each family’s unique requirements.


In an unsettled, ever-changing world, wealthy individuals need a plan B for themselves and their families — one that offers them a safer place to live in times of crisis, while also providing them with greater access to global business and lifestyle opportunities.

Investing in different residence and/or citizenship options worldwide offers both short-term value and long-term yield. The more access you have, the more diversified your assets and the lower your exposure to regional and global volatility.

Whether you are looking for tax incentives, greater mobility or just some further information, get in touch to talk about the range of investment migration programs that we can offer.

An Astute Move

In the unpredictable times in which we live, acquiring a second or even a third residence or nationality is seen as an astute move – a sort of wholesale insurance policy that provides comfort for individuals and families, hedging them against the risks associated with an uncertain future.

Another major pull-factor is the prospect of expanded global mobility. The need for greater visa-free access to key business and lifestyle regions has grown in tandem with the rapid globalization of the world economy, and being able to travel easily and extensively is now less a luxury than a basic requirement for modern businesspeople.


Investment migration enables wealthy individuals to transcend the constraints imposed on them by their passport and country of origin, tapping into financial, career, and educational opportunities on a global scale. 

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