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Cross-Border Estates

Guiding Families Through Generations and Geographies

A Pragmatic Rather Than Dogmatic Approach

Owning assets in more than one jurisdiction inevitably leads to conflicts of law which are not immediately obvious.

In today's global society, families - and their assets - are spread out around the world, as people live, work, travel and invest across countries and jurisdictions. Today more than ever, individuals and families need help planning for the cross-border tax and succession law implications of global life. A majority of our clients now hold interests in more than one country.

It is increasingly rare to find a client who does not have such connections:

  • Property abroad, whether a holiday home, investments or other assets

  • A child who is now living and working in a different jurisdiction

  • A parent, spouse, civil partner or cohabitee who was born abroad or who has a different nationality 


Cross-border issues arise whenever a client holds assets in more than one jurisdiction or has a will made under the law of another jurisdiction, or there is some other factor linking the client with another jurisdiction.

Renascence Capital, in conjunction with our global network of partners, help clients structure their assets and navigate the complexities of cross border tax, trust and estate planning as well as counselling them on issues relating private international law or conflict of laws, international instruments and estate administration across multiple jurisdictions. 

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