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Zachary Linaker

Senior Partner & Pension Adviser

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Zachary has been specialising in tracking, understanding and advising on UK pension funds since 2015. His journey has led him to help a countless number of clients to uncover and manage unclaimed assets in the UK over this period.

​In 2019, Zachary joined Renascence to co-head and expand the UK pension advisory division and advises a diverse book of private clients across Asia. Prior to this, Zachary was a senior adviser at a global wealth management firm in Shanghai.

Zachary holds certificates in Financial Planning & Advice and Investments, Risk & Taxation with the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI). These are held to a UK level 4 standard in compliance with the FCA and EU level 5 equivalent. He also holds the CISI International Certificate in Wealth Management.

Zachary holds the level 5 HSK qualification in Mandarin Chinese and he is currently in the final stages of completing HSK-6, the most advanced proficiency level of Mandarin Chinese recognised globally. Zachary obtained his bachelor's degree from Leeds University.

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