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Zachary Linaker

Senior Partner & Pension Adviser

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Zachary holds the level 4 certificate in Financial Planning & Advice with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI). As of October 2021, the FCA state all Pension Transfer Specialists must now possess a level four compliant qualification specific to investment advice, of which this qualifies. Zachary also holds the CISI International Certificate in Wealth Management.

Zachary holds the level 5 HSK qualification in Mandarin Chinese and he is currently in the final stages of completing HSK-6, the most advanced proficiency level of Mandarin Chinese recognised globally.

Zachary graduated from Leeds University and has been specialising in tracking, understanding and advising on UK pension assets since 2015. His journey has led him to help a countless number of clients to uncover unclaimed assets in the UK over this 7 year period.

​In 2019, Zachary joined Renascence to co-head and expand the UK pension advisory division and independently advises a private book of clients across Asia.

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